Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a strategy game in which you can create your own beach
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Paradise Beach is a strategy game in which you can create your own beach. Whenever you start a level, you have certain goals that you must meet in order to get to the next one. These may be building certain facilities and plants, reaching a certain amount of money, fulfilling the desires of a certain amount of people, among others. The tourists will also tell you what they want by displaying a bubble of a different color to indicate their moods or to express their wish for a certain thing. Your job is to keep them satisfied while trying to achieve your main goals. What is great about the game is that you can build facilities in most of the terrain with the exception of a few rocks and of course the water. Throughout the game, you will visit 5 different islands with 5 levels on each of them. As you progress, more things are unlocked until you finally will be able to build magnificent beaches full of things to satisfy your customers. Obviously, the levels will get harder as you progress. You will have to hire personnel for all the areas of your beach that will be in charge of performing certain activities. In between levels, there are also a few hidden object mini-games that help to add some variety. They are not really challenging, but they are well-done and enjoyable.
The graphics are cartoonish, but very colorful and well-done. Sound effects are also good, and the music is a bit repetitive but not annoying.
All in all, Paradise Beach is a charming construction game that offers an enjoyable and relaxing gameplay.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable and relaxing gameplay
  • Includes hidden object mini-games
  • Challenging
  • Beautiful theme


  • Only one game mode
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